Thursday, August 11, 2005

Before it all went pear-shaped*

Darling Harbour

Please excuse the image quality; I took the photo with a PDA. It's actually pretty good considering the source, I think.

Anyway, I took this photo at Darling Harbour, which is about a 5 minute walk from where I work. At lunch, I walked over to get something to eat and shop for a new purse** and I took this photo at the time I did because you can just see the monorail entering the station there. The location is the end of a large pedestrian bridge that crosses the harbour (which you can't see from this picture, unfortunately). The buildings you see in the background towards the left are across the harbour in the Sydney CBD (Central Business District; maybe what you'd call "downtown"?) It's also the area of Sydney that's called "city" and it's the only part of the Sydney metro area that you'd write "Sydney" for the address to mail something to. (I "live in Sydney," but my address says "Ultimo").

The archway in the middle right is where I went inside to eat and look for a new purse. There is a little mall hidden in there (I say hidden, because it's not obvious from the outside from any direction).

* When things "go pear-shaped" in Australia, they become all messed up. No one can explain to me where the expression comes from. Nothing actually went wrong for me, I just like using the expression because I think it's hilarious.

** I confused my Aussie workmates by saying "purse." I had a chocolate croissant and they noticed I wasn't holding it any more, and asked where I put it. I said I had put it in my purse, and they gave me funny looks. I was in the process of putting my wallet back inside my purse, and they informed me that I was holding my "purse" and I was about to put it inside my "handbag."


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