Thursday, December 01, 2005

Up, from where we were. Posted by Picasa

More over the ocean. Posted by Picasa

Overlooking the ocean. Posted by Picasa

Arrrr! We pirates like to take our pictures in the freezing wind, next to the water! Posted by Picasa

I told you, it was cold and windy! Posted by Picasa

A big rock at the ocean. We wanted to climb over to it and maybe on it, but it was way too cold, and the water was too deep next to it. Posted by Picasa

John: brrrr. Posted by Picasa

John, looking over the ocean. Posted by Picasa

Resuming New Zealand: Part V: Crazy birds and other curiosities

Crazy Keas:
The picture directly below, it's hard to see because of the camoflauging effect, but there is a bird on the hood of the car. It's right next to where the hood becomes the windscreen. Click the picture to enlarge it, and you might better be able to see it:

Here's that same bird: (I typoed "sane" and corrected to "same" and shook my head, because clearly the bird is not sane)

And a close-up of the very people-friendly and bold Kea:

And here is a waterfall, diverted so that it does not flood the road:

Coming next: pictures at the very cold and windy beach. A preview:

An Australian "Thanksgiving"

The hosts:

The guests:

The food:

The dessert:

Last year, Thanksgiving was so hot that we were wishing we were outside, assembling new fans, sweating every time we entered the kitchen. This year, we had planned to be outside at a picnic area under an overhang, but it was so cold and rainy that we changed plans and all 14 of us crowded into my & John's small apartment. It ended up being a fun celebration with delicious food from all who contributed.