Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Announcement: New Series!

Hello! I'm going to start a series of posts with pictures of brands and companies. I will be showing brands and companies that are new to me - Australian brands and companies - and those that I see here in Australia that are prevalent in the US: ones that are "all too familiar". To start this off, I will share a picture of a company that is all too familiar that has quite a large presence in Australia:

And another of a company that has nearly as big a presence in Sydney but was new to me (and I must admit I enjoy!):

At Oporto, I especially enjoy their special chilli sauce (sort of like a very hot salsa) with hot chips (aka french fries).

People tell me that Oporto is fast food, and I guess that it is, but they're very vocal about how fresh and healthful their food is, since it's grilled (besides the hot chips) and uses fresh vegetables and spices and everything.

Someone else told me that people often give other people directions based on where things are in relation to the nearest Oporto, and later that day a different person gave me directions that included "Turn left when you see the Oporto," and I thought perhaps there was some truth to that statement.


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